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Advanced Integrated Media Innovations

aim Innovations™ offers cutting edge integrated 
solutions for all of your audio/video needs.  Our core products cover IPTV, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, Compact Video Production Systems, and much more.


aim Innovations™ has partnered with leading IPTV manufactures to bring internationally recognized state of the art IPTV Streaming Video Solutions at affordable rates to the Education, Hospitality, Medical, Corporate, and small business markets.

Digital Signage

aim Innovations™ offers a very versatile and easy to use digital signage solution for any need.  Out innovative team can work with you to make sure you get the best possible service at an affordable price.

Video Conferencing

aim Innovations™ offers powerful Video Conferencing solutions at affordable rates. Let our innovative team help you save money by utilizing the power of the internet.

aim Innovations™ has put together a team of experienced streaming media specialists and partnered with innovative manufactures to offer only the best solutions at an unbelievably affordable price.


We welcome the opportunity to share our vision and help you and your organization reach your goals efficiently and effectively.

Helping you find the right Streaming Media Solutions.

1. Enterprise IPTV Solutions

2. Interactive Digital Signage

3. Video Conferencing


Digital Signage

Video Conferencing

aim Innovations is your AV Integrator with a shared vision.

IPTV is quickly becoming the standard in live and prerecorded video delivery in Education, Hospitality, Medical, Corporate, and even large residential or resort developments.  Let us show you how we can give you the advanced innovative solutions that you want at a very affordable rate.



Digital Signage is a great and very cost effective way to get your message across to your customers.  Digital Signage covers items such as menu boards, in store advertising, directory listings and assistance, and even emergency notifications.  Our innovative team can show you how digital signage will benifit your organization in ways that you never believed possible.





Video Conferencing aim Innovations™ will work with your team to offer the best possible solution to help you save money across your organization.  We offer options ranging from simple conferences delievered from our state of the art conference room to immersive on premisis conferencing at your locations.  You can communicate effectively and efficiently with your team no matter where they are.  From the corporate conference table to their desk or even on their mobile phone or tablet.  We can help you reach your team and save you money. 

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